Sopris Llamas
Split Pad
A saddle pad designed to eliminate all contact with the spine.
Sopris Split Pad
$55.00 SPLIT



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The design of the Sopris Split Pad—which is actually a two-piece pad—was conceived to eliminate all contact with the spine and to allow body heat to vent through the top of the saddle. Each pad provides one inch of padding--the design and materials work together to absorb shock and to prevent the pad from compressing under the load. The pads are each enclosed in a tough ballistic nylon cover with a Velcro closure, which can be removed and washed, and each pad piece attaches to the underside of the saddle with Velcro. This pad can also be used on straight-bar saddles to increase the saddle’s contact area. An added feature of this pad is its ability to be custom fit to a sway-back llama through the use of our moon pad inserts (available on request).

Click here for a diagram of full rigging for the Sopris Pack Saddle.