Sopris Llamas
Sopris Classic Saddle Instructions

Your Sopris Saddle is hand-crafted from white ash, brass and leather.  It is a hardy saddle that will give you and your llama many years of service with a minimal amount of care. The first step in caring for your Sopris Saddle is to put your saddle out of the way after you have reached your campsite and have unloaded.  If you expect rain, cover the saddle with your rain cover.

Important: On pre-1995 saddles the brand “SOPRIS” is located on the rear saddle horn. On post-1995 saddles a brand saying “Handcrafted by Sopris (front)” is located on the front saddle horn.

All Sopris rigging and panniers are interchangeable between the Sopris Classic Saddle, the Sopris Roughy Saddle and the Ralide Saddle.


Caring for your Sopris Classic Saddle:
All wooden parts have been sanded, stained and oiled before your saddle was sent off to you. To keep it in the best condition, use a 100% tung oil on all wood. Rub in a small amount with your hand or a soft cloth as needed. How often depends on your weather and amount of use – the beginning and middle of each pack season will be sufficient in most cases. Tung oil can be found in most hardware stores or paint stores.

Apply a leather conditioner (found at any horse tack store) to all leather as needed.

If repairs are needed, send the saddle to:
Sopris Unlimited
254 County Road 365
La Veta, Colorado 81055

If you need your saddle back in a hurry, let us know and we will make every effort to repair it and send it back to you within a day or two after we receive it.